Thursday, August 15, 2013

What Do You Mean You Encrypted Your Email?

SEE HERE  I guess privacy is unpatriotic these days in the Obama Fascist State that thinks the ability to read everyone's email is a government right.  Pretty funny in one sense.  The idea that email has to be encrypted to be covert shows an ignorance of the history of covert communication.  The flower code the Japanese used before Pearl Harbor to communicate the configuration of ships in the harbor is just one simple example.  Perfectly innocuous language can conceal powerful messages using skip codes and other concepts.  Read about bible codes to figure that one out.  Those are just two simple examples.  There are as many as the fertile mind of man can imagine.  But the government isn't very imaginative.  So they'll just shut down anyone they like.  I guess they never heard of the first amendment or if they did they don't care. 

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