Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Nonsense Continues ...

SEE HERE  I think Chicago will have to be once more covered in ice before these pseudoscientists admit not only that they are wrong about global warming but in fact the next ice age is on the way.  Don't hold your breath because it takes a long long time for an ice age to develop just as it took a long long time to warm our way out of the last local minimum, the Little Ice Age.  But the "wise" climate modelers are busy with their models.  You do know that all this gloom and doom comes from computer programs and not reality right?  They are following the first law of computer modeling GIGO — it used to mean Garbage In Garbage Out, but modelers have discovered that they can use it to sway public opinion and in that case it means Garbage In Gospel Out.  Don't be fooled!

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