Friday, August 16, 2013

Freedom To Be Moral

SEE HERE  I'm sorry to offend any disordered sexually promiscuous homosexuals out there, but truth doesn't succumb to passionate peculiarities.  Homosexuality is a psychological disorder which interferes with normal sexuality.  It is wrong on any number of levels and is gravely immoral.  Saying this of course is no longer permitted.  Apparently the first amendment has been rescinded when it comes to speaking about immorality.  I must have missed the memo.  The sexualization of the armed forces to enforce this perverse perversion is tragic and frankly totally immoral.  But since the people in charge these days are totally immoral it is no surprise.  Keep your eyes open because your enslavement is hard upon you.  It started with political correctness.  It continued with calling anything they didn't like "hate speech."  It will end with the gulag for failing to be as immoral as they are.  Tyranny Rising!

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