Friday, December 7, 2012

Lord Monckton Points Out There's Been No Global Warming In 16 Years

SEE HERE Some things are a hoot and Lord Monckton taking a minute at the mike at the U.N. climate conference in Doha is one such. In the link Monckton also shows how you can estimate the global warming yourself using an Excel spreadsheet. Data rules! By the way here's a link to a page that points out how nonsensical the CO2 warming hypothesis is when you look at the ice core data. HERE The logic is compelling in my opinion. Whatever CO2 is, it's not the primary driver of global warming. So that suggests that all the hoopla and desire to spend trillions of dollars heading off an imaginary effect will be wasted, oh but these are politicians after all. No problem. Wasting trillions of dollars is what they are good at. It's too bad they don't have to earn them before they waste them.

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