Monday, May 6, 2013

Telling The Truth Gets Your Career Ruined

SEE HERE How far the military has fallen under this administration!  Frankly it's appalling.  The military is the institution we depend on to defend the nation and it should have the highest standards of principle, honor, and duty and that include telling the truth and not just being politically correct and kowtowing to the sick, pseudos that are currently working to destroy the nation.  The facts are what they are and when telling the truth is punished by the destruction of your career the game is up.  It means that advancement no longer is on merit but on sycophancy, sucking up is the order of the day and with that the integrity of the institution begins to crumble.  That's what they want.  A military that will fire on Americans and obey the traitors who have managed to float to the slimy top.

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