Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Toxic Solution: Stupidity Mainstreamed

SEE HERE  Thomas Sowell is gifted with an immense amount of common sense.  It must have been siphoned off from the liberals else how do we explain how little they have.  His column here documents some instances of what I tend to call the liberal two step.  Step 1: Claim there is a problem that government must intervene to solve and impose a "solution." Step 2: Since liberal solutions rarely solve anything but merely make an already bad situation worse only in some other dimension usually, accuse the evil [fill in the blank with a common liberal boogieman] bastards have undermined their brilliant solution or they didn't do enough the first time.  So they double down.  GOTO Step 1 and repeat.  This creates a spiral of degeneration and the whole time the liberals are claiming someone else did it.  Look at Detroit for an abject example.  There hasn't been a Republican administration there since 1957 but the liberals want you to believe it's not their fault.  One of the factors that ought to make someone unfit for office is an inability to take responsibility.  Of course if that were practiced we'd have no Democrats and we'd lose twenty percent or so, maybe more, of the Republicans.  Americans have been brainwashed for a long time to blame everything on someone else.  When everyone is a victim there's really no-one left to blame but the insane stupidity of it all.

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