Friday, July 25, 2014

Breakout Podcast with Newt Gingrich

LISTEN HERE  Testing what our elites think by measuring the concepts against facts.  Newt contrasts Hamas's views against rationality.  A double standard is being applied.  Israel must be circumspect while their enemies are given free rein.  Outrageous!  Is this at all sensible?  Of course not.  Hamas openly operates within civilian areas to restrain Israel.  This is not a body count tradeoff game. 

Liberals think that way.  It's irrational.  It's why we lost the Vietnam war and pretty much why we didn't do better in the Korean war.  Nonsense.  Hamas has built a stockpile of over 12,000 missile and a network of tunnels.  They store the missiles in schools and hospitals and the U.N. has returned the missiles to them when they are discovered.  This is absurd.  People that act like this need to be removed from power. 

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