Friday, July 11, 2014

Meanwhile The Border Invasion Continues

This staged border invasion timed to trigger the amnesty result our tyrannical president desires needs to trigger instead a serious pushback. This is nothing short of an invasion. We might not say that about it were it truly a humanitarian crisis, but it's a manufactured event complete with Mexican government collusion. We fought the Mexican American War over issues not altogether different.

This would not be treated this way did the administration want to preserve American heritage, but instead they want to destroy our American heritage in favor of a socialist utopian communism that has never worked anywhere that it has been tried. But since they've laid the groundwork for so long in the schools that we've now got a population that doesn't understand much of anything and slavishly follows the leader we will shortly be overwhelmed and wonder after the fact how the greatest nation on the face of the earth could have been so easily destroyed.

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