Sunday, July 13, 2014

One Of The Reasons Government Control Is A Disaster

SEE HERE  As someone who worked as a government employee for fifteen years I'm really sensitive to this aspect of the bureaucracy.  Government regulation generally compels people to fill out mountains of paperwork which basically go unread and unremarked only filling the vast government storage of documents, at least when they are saved at all.  The loss in time and productivity doesn't appear on any ledger anywhere but the result is that everything costs more and becomes less effective.  It saps the energy and reduces the desire to do good work since it makes everything you do more painful.  Why anyone thinks big government is a good idea is beyond me.  No one that has experienced it from the inside would think it was any good for anything but paying unproductive bureaucrats money to police useless paperwork.  It should all be stopped except where real identifiable and positive benefits can be clearly demonstrated.  That's demonstrated, not bloviated about, speculated about and other forms of wishful thinking.  The government can rarely meet this standard.  They talk a good game but generally their touch is death.

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