Friday, July 25, 2014

It's Called Weather

SEE HERE   ... and frankly we're not all that good at predicting it, although we've been getting better.   I get a big kick out of all the global warming hoopla when it is apparent from the history of climate that the one thing we really have to worry about it global cooling, in fact the next ice age.  But don't worry it's likely a couple of millennia away, but it's pretty certain to come since we have ice core data that depicts the last four cycles of ice ages.   Something like 20,000 years ago Chicago is said to have been at the bottom of about a mile of ice.  Now that would be pretty disruptive, a lot more than a longer Summer or warmer Northern climes.  Don't worry.  Whatever the weather human being have next to nothing to do with it and couldn't change it much if we wanted to.

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