Wednesday, November 5, 2014

In Case You Didn't Know Who The Racists Are Now You Know

SEE HERE It's funny how the people who yell 'racist' the loudest are in fact the biggest racists.  The Democrats have been the party of racism since forever where forever goes back at least to the period just after the Civil War and extends at least as far as my birth and development so that when I was in high school they were still maintaining the KKK and segregation in the South.  It hasn't really changed that much.  The only thing now is that the racism is somewhat more muted and expressed in more subtle ways such as affirmative action and the implication that people in the black community can't really take care of themselves or think for themselves without government help and entitlement programs.  The reality is that excellence does not emerge from that environment, so only the form of the slavery has changed.  The Democrats are still maintaining the plantation.  It's just moved.

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