Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Not Only Is There Voter Fraud But It Is A Democrat Staple

SEE HERE The Democrats are experts on voter fraud and have been going back to before I was old enough to vote.  It's sheer hypocrisy and lying that there's no voter fraud.  The voter fraud is huge and increasing and my favorite guy, Thomas Sowell one of the most clear and sensible voices in America calls it out.  We have to start reforming our election procedures to eliminate voter fraud if we expect to keep our country a representative republic as it was instituted to be.  The left is determined to simply turn us into a tyrannical collectivist state and that will mean squalor and poverty for all but the ones in charge.  If you think that's a great idea just keep voting Democrat until they finally cancel elections because the leadership no longer needs to pretend they care.

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