Tuesday, November 4, 2014

More BS From The Source, The Mother Lode Of BS, The NYT

SEE HERE Yup the New York Times is the universal source of totally liberal BS.  Now they think that mid-term elections have no role.  Apparently they don't understand that the vision of the founders was to give the people a voice every two years by allowing them to reelect or change their representatives.  That's too frequent for the New York Times since it actually gives the electorate an opportunity to change things and to throw a monkey wrench into the New York Times' favorite tyranny.  It is my hope that the Times will disappear into irrelevancy as the internet takes over the dissemination of information and we no longer need self-appointed and self-important leftists to tell us how to think.  I think we can probably manage that on our own, at least we can if the schools don't keep dumbing down people so much.

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