Friday, November 28, 2014

The Insanity Of The Left — They Seek To Destroy That Which Wasn't Broken

SEE HERE  The leftist collectivists are of the delusional opinion that productivity arises from government and that more government will lead to more prosperity.  The only problem is that this is not only not true, it is so overwhelmingly not true that it can only be believed by those who refuse to learn the lessons of history and are deluded by an authoritarian ideology that has led to more deaths in just the 20th century than virtually all the wars and marauders and tyrannies before.  You would think they would learn but apparently they don't have the capacity.  Instead they believe that somehow they will avoid the past errors because they are smarter and more capable.  It is just the kind of hubris that the Greeks condemned.  We need to restore the free markets that made this country great before the collectivists complete their program of destruction.

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