Friday, November 28, 2014

Freedom Isn't Free — Stand Up Against Those Trying To Enslave You

  We are a lot less free in America today than when I was a child.  The encroachments grow each year always for our own good of course, or so they say, but the reality is that our margin for personal choice grows ever smaller.  Even little things like wearing a helmet on a motorcycle or a seat belt in a car.  Sure you should, but making it a law. 

Since when is it illegal to be stupid.  If that were faithfully enforced we'd have no representation in Congress and the president would be in jail.  Innumerable things have been declared illegal or regulated.  Every kid used to carry a knife.  Many had rifles and were taught to shoot by their parents.  A lot of schools had rifle teams.  Kids went places by themselves and actually played games without adult supervision.  I could probably go on all day about the things we once could do and did do which are now deemed illegal or inappropriate and of course it's all for our own good.  The result is a generation of people who expect to be taken care of and who actually seem to need to be taken care of because they've never acquired a sense of personal responsibility.  Thus does a great nation die unless we do something to turn it around.

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