Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A President At War With America

SEE HERE The Founding Fathers who drafted the Constitution of the United States were not a bunch of wide-eyed liberal dreamers who thought government was an unmitigated good.  Indeed the framers knew that government was a compromise with the evil in man, an attempt to control and mitigate that evil and they strove in the design of the Constitution to provide for checks and balances of power and to ensure that it would be difficult to govern without compromise.  We've spent more than two hundred years undermining that vision with a particular emphasis on the last one hundred years.  We are now in a final testing ground.  We will soon know if the vision of the founders holds or if the current crop of communist sympathizers who think communism works if just they were just the ones running it will prevail.  It is by no means obvious that the republic will hold.  Men and women of virtue and vision who share the view that government is not good so much as a fearsome tiger to be controlled and brought to heel.  Time will tell and time is growing short.

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