Monday, November 10, 2014

Intentional? Or Just Incompetence?

SEE HERE Incompetence is probably as likely as malice, but it doesn't really matter because whatever the explanation is, this kind of thing creates problems with the integrity of the voting process.  If you are to have a representative republic then you have to have an honest way to select those who will represent you.  The Democrats have time and time again resisted in the strongest way any efforts to improve election integrity.  As far as I'm concerned that's an ipso facto reason to believe that they are seriously invested in voter fraud.  We need to have the whole system revamped to make it easier to audit elections and ensure there is no voter fraud.  When someone has voted it should be impossible for them to vote a second time.  It should be impossible for a dead person to be still registered to vote.  It should be impossible to get multiple ballots so that you can be registered in more than one state.  Today all of these are not only possible but are common approaches to voter fraud.

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