Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Of Course There's No Voter Fraud: Move Along Nothing To See Here

SEE HERE Gee, I don't suppose having a 2.8 million voters with registrations in multiple states or 1.8 million dead voters who are still on the election rolls could be a problem, right?  No, just ask any Democrat and they'll tell you there's no voter fraud.  Of course they're the ones filling out absentee ballots for illegals and helping people to vote where their identity won't be checked.  What could go wrong?  Let's face the reality of it all. 

Democrats have been orchestrating vote fraud my whole life.   Some of the examples are epic such as the way they stole the election from Richard Nixon in 1960 or frankly the reelection of Barack Obama in 2012 or the epic voter fraud machines in New York, Chicago, Boston, and for that matter Northern Virginia and Baltimore. 

Statistically the voter fraud is rather easily detected as having happened but noone ever seems to investigate it.  Precincts that vote 100% for a single candidate despite the vote in the larger election being close to 50:50.  Precincts where the vote count exceeds the number of registered voters ... hmmm... how does that happen exactly especially when people are always complaining about low turnout.  It's time to fix the system but we have to have the political will to do that.  If we can't have honest elections then we obviously can't have honest government.  That way leads to tyranny and subjugation.

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