Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bill Whittle After The Election: Reflecting On The Culture

WATCH THIS AND JOIN THE COMMON SENSE RESISTANCE MORE Insulation from reality is not lifegiving and American in this generation have never really had to face reality.  It's going to come as a shock.  Don't fight city hall, IGNORE THEM.  Build parallel structures and ignore these stupid bastards and win the culture war by doing better.  Bill Whittle nails it! Ignore them and start doing what needs to be done on our own.  If you can't beat'em then ignore'em and do what needs to be done.

The reality is that the government is not the country.  Invest your freedom in doing what you think is rewarding and fruitful.  Stop playing their game.  "Don't waste another second of your time with these people."  The parallel structure will out perform the sinking ship of state. — Definitely!

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