Monday, December 10, 2012

GOP Classic? — The Recipe Is Truth And Principles

SEE HERE The problem with politics is frankly, all the lying, dissembling, dishonesty, and phoniness.  Holden Caulfield was right, there are just too many phonies.  Politics comes down to two things: the party of big government, lying, and total phonies, and the other side which can never seem to get it's 'brand' straight, which Joseph Sobran always called 'the stupid party.'

The secret of the Republican brand isn't all that secret.  It's small government, personal responsibility, honor and  integrity, except that when you let these Washington pundits in to help you they substitute the magic elixir of the other side and pretty soon you can't tell which is which.  When they're all liars you might as go with the professionals.  I really think that's what it comes down to.

What we need is a dose of true integrity.  We need people who strive to tell the truth, who strive to be honorable and honest and forthright and stop shillyshallying with the truth called 'spin' and 'talking points' and 'messages.'  Bull!  It just isn't that complicated.  If you can't win by telling the truth then you're doomed anyway.  The nation that lives on a pile of lies will soon enough collapse.  We're well on our way with the best liars in the world in charge.  (well best in the sense of telling the most but not the best in the sense of telling the most convincing ... even lying is an art and let's face it, this bunch are not artists)

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