Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hockey Stick Fraud — And You Thought Global Warming Was Real

SEE HERE I was googling around the internet today doing some research for an Earth Sciences textbook that I'm transferring to an on-line representation and I was searching on the term "global wind cycle" and apparently that was enough to get me an image from this site about the infamous Michael Mann "hockey stick" fraud.  I'll just go ahead and call it a fraud.  It might be just rank incompetence but it sure looks like a fraud.  When you go to a lot of trouble to suppress real science and then cherry pick your data to create the appearance of science and get your bogus hypothesis "validated" then you're a fraud.  This has been known for a long time as you can see from the date, but the global warming folks hold onto their baloney harder than the squirrel in Ice Age holds onto his acorn. 

Since Ed Wegman was one of my professors in graduate school I know he's an honest no-nonsense statistician scientist so when he says the statistics are junk you can take it to the bank.  It's interesting that the response to the committee instead of looking at the data was to get embroiled in an attribution contest about whether parts of the report were properly attributed.  That is an example itself of failure of perspective.  Plagarism is passing off work as your own when it is really the work of another.  From what I can see this was more like: "since you couldn't deal with the data you attack the messenger by trying to smear him."  This is what is always going on in the nonsense being passed around as climate science by the alarmists.

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