Sunday, December 9, 2012

Why Israel Exists Today and Why We Should Not Forget

SEE HERE Palestine?  There is no Palestine only those Arab extremists who seek to destroy Israel.  I would not claim that Israel is without any taint, but people cannot be blamed for seeking to defend themselves against the extremists that surround them.  There are no Palestinians.  It is an invented category that has nothing but a political reality invented for the sake of attacking Israel.  I am not inclined to support the savages who are motivated only by hatred fanned by false religion.  God chose Israel and however intransigent and stubborn they have been as a people, it is partly that stubbornness that caused God to choose them in the first place.  We'd probably all be worshiping Baal or Moloch today were it not for the Jews. SATIRE: THE ISRAELI HOUSE

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