Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Global Warming Propaganda — The Sky Is Falling!

I enjoyed this but unfortunately Nye the science guy is pretty uninformed. The Medieval Warm period has been established as a world wide phenomenon and Nye is still peddling the idea that it was only in Europe. Morano has all the data on his side. The moderator was spouting all the propaganda. The one that annoys me the most is the precautionary principle which is always trotted out in the form "suppose you're wrong?" the implication being that if you're wrong the oppositions latest scary story will be right. Before the precautionary principle is invoked there should be some real evidence. Listen to Morano who tries to get in the evidence. The answer is that nothing particularly out of the ordinary is happening. CO2 is increasing but it isn't clear if that matters. The real CO2 data I might add is all quite recent. All the rest is an inference by proxies which may not even be calibrated correctly. I've been listening to various chicken little stuff since I was a kid and it's pretty much all been trash. We should probably spend more time worrying about real possibilities that would be catastrophic like nuclear war.

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