Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Textbooks Are Full of Lies

SEE HERE The one thing that has to be understood about the left more than any other is that they lie as a matter of policy to get their way. They lie about history. They lie about motives. They like about economics. They lie all the time. The reason that they lie is that through lies they deceive and get their way and because most people assume that you're telling the truth at least as you know it when you speak, they tend to get a pass even when they are caught lying.

That the Benghazi incident.  That was a tissue of lies from beginning to end.  We have not gotten to the bottom of that lie.  It appears that it was focused on preserving the president's credibility going into the election as well as concealing from the American people the true nature of the Benghazi incident.

But we don't have to go to Benghazi or any extreme incidents.  The lies are everywhere.  The remarkable thing, frankly, is when they actually tell the truth.  You simply can't go far wrong when listening to liberals to just assume they are lying.  Often their fellow travelers who repeat the lies think they are telling the truth.  They're in the know, a privileged form of life compared to we gullible peons who don't know the real truth.  But they're the ones repeating the lies.  That's why I call them 'mantras' because if you call them on them, say by asking, "How do you know that?"  They can't answer.  Instead they say something like "Everyone knows that."  Of course that's a dead giveaway that they don't know it but are merely repeating the lie.

Now they've moved into the schools to indoctrinate the young with a wide range of lies.  The universal question is always: "How do you know that?"  If they can't answer the questioning should continue with "Well if you don't know how you know it then you really don't know it do you?" and "Come back and tell me what the answer is.  See if the person who told you can explain how they know it."  The chain of lies needs to be carefully followed and validated.  When you find the root of the lie then you can begin to unravel the motives for the lies.  You will likely be deeply disturbed by the answers you discover.

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