Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ooooo... An NRA Tee-Shirt ... How Awful! They Used To Have Rifle Teams In The Schools

SEE HERE  We live in a world being driven insane by the left.  This is so outrageous on almost every dimension as to make you wonder if you live in the United States anymore.  My sister was on a rifle team in high school.  My girl friend was on a rifle team in high school.  The idea that a tee-shirt supporting the National Rifle Association would be controversial is beyond over the top.  The 2nd Amendment means what it says and the schools should respect constitutional freedoms.  This is beyond outrageous.  We increasingly live in the growing fascist nanny state of far left socialist statists determined to turn all of us into slavish victims of their brainwashing.  This kid should sue and sue and sue some more and he should get support from the NRA, the ACLU, and any organizations that believe in the constitution.

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