Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rather Amusing: Can't Let Facts Trump The Narrative

SEE HERE  Global Warming rechristened Climate Change continues to get environmentalist play despite the CO2 nonsense being rather dramatically shown to be wrong by the fact that despite rising CO2 levels the temperatures have not risen, in fact they've declined, in the past fifteen years.  Real scientists would admit they were wrong, but not the phonies that are paid to inflate the narrative.  They just invent more nonsense.  The reality is that man doesn't have a very big impact on the weather and CO2 is a trace gas that responds to temperature but doesn't drive it.  Large amounts of CO2 are dissolved in the oceans so if the temperature goes up the ocean outgasses CO2.  You can see this happen in your carbonated soft drink.  No real surprises here except for the decidedly unscientific denial among the folks that want to leverage this fiction into personal power and wealth.  Too bad Al, you might have to learn to work for a living.

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