Saturday, June 22, 2013

E.W. Jackson At The Republican Nominating Convention

I stand behind and support E.W. Jackson for Lt. Governor along with the rest of this great ticket.  Meanwhile, the not to be trusted left wingnut media is trying to twist Jackson's words and lie about him.  The idea of a principled, conservative black man just sends the liberals totally ballistic.  What?  You think for yourself?  You don't swallow the media propaganda?  You must be a racist!  Oh yeah, you're black, so you must be .... fill in the blank with the usual hate speech generated by the left.  The reality is that the left is where all the liars live.  Why would you trust anything that the left says?  SEE HERE

I liked this quote from the brief article:  If the media hates you this much, it should be a clue this is a person we ought to be supporting.

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