Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tyranny Creeps Up On You

SEE HERE Tyranny is here, only it is soft tyranny to begin with. They have to tread softly because the citizenry is still armed and the propaganda and brainwashing has not yet taken full effect. Those capable of resistance are still too numerous but with the influx of "immigrants" and the effect of bountiful benefits that no-one earns and ultimately no-one pays for, the republic will quickly decline and an emergency can be declared and the armored vehicles will roll and those who dare protest will be suppressed.

It isn't a new ploy or a particularly creative ploy it is just a ploy that has worked often enough in history to be played again on a gullible and passive population. "Sic semper tyrannis" means this too ... "Thus always with tyrants" needs a gloss of the image of the spear with the tyrant on the ground. Far more often the same thing can be said of the tyrant on a throne dealing out punishment to those who do not bow and scrape.

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