Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Incoherence And Fundamental Tyranny Of Our Current Rulers

SEE HERE  We fought a revolution to avoid the very kind of governance that is now thrust upon us by out of control institutions that no longer feel bound by the letter of the Constitution so find instead a plethora of penumbras and shadows and made up stuff to have their way.  Marriage is an institution that extends in time back before there were states or governments into the prehistorical period before there was writing.  Nevertheless our SCOTUS has the audacity of stupidity to redefine it for the twisted perverts of the world so that they can be more openly perverted than before.  It's all in the name of freedom or something.  I keep hearing the word "love" a lot and it seems that the people using the word don't have any concept of what it actually means.  Instead they are talking about obsession and lust and disordered passions.  Objectivity is lost and the reigning order of the day is one which the Father of lies would recognize for after all "What is truth?"

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