Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Never Forget The Sacrifices Of Those We Have Sent In Harms Way

SEE HERE  This is a very moving account of a ramp ceremony and it put me in mind of the Vietnam war and the way the media and the communists (Oh they called themselves other things) poisoned the atmosphere in our country so that returning soldiers were met with cat calls and meanness.  A soldier does what the country asks them to do.  They don't originate the policies.  They carry them out and are always told that they are defending the nation.  If that isn't true then maybe we should replace a few vile politicians that caused them to be sent in harms way and then turned on them.  In the meantime we should honor our heroes.  I'm sick of the lying that goes on in Washington and the phony politicians who say one thing and do another.  It needs to change.  It badly needs to change.

We are led by people without honor, virtue, or principles and we wonder why things are going into the tank.  Stop sending that kind of man to Washington.  We need more people that actually are like George Washington leading our country and a lot fewer that are like the Marx brothers.

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