Monday, June 17, 2013

Some Ancient History

Remember the claim that Iraq was trying to purchase yellow cake way back in 2002 which created such a flap?  Well I got this report which dates back to 2008 about a large amount of yellow cake being shipped out of Iraq to Canada by the U.S.   Fancy that!  Of course there's nothing to it because snopes says so.  How convenient.  550 metric tons ... a lot of yellow cake, all supposed to be prior to 1991 but of course Saddam didn't have any intention to make WMDs.  The Democrats say so and they never lie.  Hahahahahahahahaha ... maniacal laughter fills the scene as a mushroom cloud destroys a little girl, oh yeah that was Johnson's political ad against Barry Goldwater, a weapon of mass political destruction.  The Democrats, lying in their own interest since at least FDR if not before.

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