Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Attack Of The Trolls

SEE HERE  Here's just one example of the work that left wing trolls are engaged in.  I've been hounding a troll on Facebook for the past several days.  It's a study in contrivance how this troll who identifies as a woman (no certainty there ... she/it doesn't act like one) and I've been countering her talking points which pop up in my FB every time she posts on walls we're both members of.  Interesting exercise in learning how the trolling game works.  So far she just seems to be trying to claim that Republicans are worse than Democrats by claiming that all the things Democrats do are really things that Republicans do more.  This is manifestly ridiculous since it's not true, but it's interesting to follow the methodology which is to find any time that Republicans have agreed with Democrats on anything and then claiming that the Republicans were leading the charge, always on left wing things.  I've really not figured out how this helps anyone unless they're trying to get people angry enough to be over the top rude.

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