Friday, June 21, 2013

Politics? What Else? The IRS Became An Arm Of The Democratic Party

SEE HERE  You want to be free do you?  You think the government has your best interests at heart?  (Now that's a silly idea for you)  Perhaps you should stop drinking the koolade and move up to something stiffer with more reality behind it.  A good stiff shot of Jack Daniels perhaps might clear the mind a mite.  The government is about the 'sword' raw force and it ought not to be multiplied too much or it becomes not a servant but a master.  We're well past the point where the danger lies and now we have to watch our backs.  Those in charge have been layering the statists into the mix for over a generation and now it's pay off time.  Using the apparatus of government to swing elections is malfeasance at least and treason at worst.  Who is kidding who? (is that bad English ... an image of Mary Poppins just sprang to mind) in any case bad English or not, you've been lied to, manipulated, terrorized by regulations and rhetoric and you still think the government has your best interests at heart?  Well I hope you're waking up because there may not be too much time left.

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