Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hero, Villain, or Victim? Perhaps All Three?

SEE HERE  The case of Mr. Snowden ... NSA whistleblower and definitely conflicted as far as the judgment of his actions goes.  He revealed what many citizens may well have suspected all along.  So far at least I've seen no particular national security information outed except the rather obvious and not all that surprising fact that NSA is snooping on everyone's communications in a way more pervasive than suggested by their mission.  Big surprise that?  I'm not surprised, but then I have quite a bit of experience in these matters since I worked for the government and later for government contractors for about thirty years.  Or perhaps he's an enemy agent ... if so why would he have acted as he did.  He could have just stayed undercover leaking away.  The victim line is actually fairly plausible since that is certainly what the government will now strive to make him.  All in all I think he is a tragic figure since I think however noble his act of outing the NSA is, it will likely come to very little because we are already in the hands of people dedicated to taking down the republic and his act will do very little to change that.  MEANWHILE FAIRY TALES

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