Monday, August 5, 2013

Truth or Fiction? Who Knows?

SEE HERE  Now we're supposed to spin up about the threat of a massive attack by Islamic Jihadists of all sorts that could occur anywhere and at some specific threatening dates unstated?  Lions and Tigers and Bears ... Oh my!  Let's get serious about it if you really believe it.  I'd start shipping Muslims out of the country myself but that's just me.  I think Islam is a Satanic religion so I'm rarely surprised when they do Satanic things.  I keep running into people who say they know some wonderful Muslims ... well maybe.  But how anyone can be wonderful and at the same time believe Islam is a large one for me to swallow.  I've studied the topic and concluded that there is no possibility that Islam is a valid religion.  Meanwhile we also have this growing and rather extreme behavior on the part of this administration which is so anti-Constitution it is hard to believe.  Maybe we're looking at the last days, if not of the apocalyptic kind certainly the last days of the republic if no one will stand up and do something.  But meanwhile keep your eyes open for the possibility of an attack by extremists ... they've been smuggling them into the country for a decade at least so when the sleeper cells are awakened we may well have a problem on our hands and it may well play right into our dictatorial president's hands.  Good luck!

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