Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bible Banned In Classroom Reading ... Really!

SEE HERE  There is something seriously wrong when you can't read a bible or other religious book in silent classroom reading time but you are encouraged to read books that contain explicit sex or other abberrent material.  This is the kind of thing that is wrong with the public schools.  They have become indoctrination centers to dechristianize and pollute the morals of the young and to wean children away from their parent's standards.  It's disgusting what is going on and it's time to push back hard either by creating wholesome schools or by homeschooling.  The state does not have a right to indoctrinate your children.

Interestingly, I went to find an image to illustrate this post and google on "indoctrination of children" and far and away the most common images where oriented towards hatred of religion and distortions of religion put up, apparently, by atheists (Richard Dawkins appeared in lots of pictures) and those who imagine religion is about hating other people.  I think most of that is projection on the part of the left ideologues who want to demonize Christianity.  But if you take Christianity seriously you have to wonder at these bigots.  Be warned!

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