Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Deconstructing America

SEE HERE  The insanity of the left is destroying America by destroying what is good and true and substituting degeneracy in its place.  Sure racism is real enough, but racism by white people against black people is largely a thing of the past.  You have noticed we have a black, well sort of half-black largely Arab, president.  You don't get that from a racist society.  But racism is quite rampant in the black community not only against white people who are being attacked by against black people who have the audacity to disagree with the plantation mentality of the left liberal entitlement culture.  It's bizarre that a political agenda that has largely achieved the destruction of the black family and the killing of millions of black children through abortion is seen in the black community as some kind of payback for largely self-imposed victimhood.

It doesn't stop there of course.  We have to throw away common sense and the whole concept of objective morality and the testimony of sacred revelation to embrace the deviant and disordered lifestyle of homosexual couples raising their perverse "unions" to the status of marriage.  Never mind that such unions can produce no progeny and have not claim in any meaningful sense to be "marriages."  It's their right because they say so.

And of course Islam is the religion of peace that cuts off people's heads, persecutes people not of their faith actually crucifying Christians and torching their churches or machine gunning them as they come out of services.  But we're told that's just a radical fringe and not representative of Islam, except then we see video footage of them all dancing in the streets celebrating some atrocity.  But we're not supposed to take note of such dissonant data.  Just accept the propaganda until they come for you.

It's insane!  But that's what the liberal mind set and its bizarre political correctness is doing to America.  Meanwhile they call names quite freely for just telling the truth.  If you persist they play

the "I'm offended" card and pretend they are a higher form of life.  How surpassingly strange.

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