Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Battle Between Good And Evil Goes On!

There is no immorality that Democrats will not salute in the name of some sort of diversity or multi-culturalism or just plain antipathy towards objective morality which is seen by them as rigid and unforgiving.  They on the other hand condemn Christianity all the time while embracing Islam.  How does that work?  If you peel back the surface layer of hypocrisy you find total contradiction which reveals how dishonest they are.  Islam is anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-Christian, anti-Jew ... all things that violate the very tenants the left preaches.  By their fruits you shall know them and the fruits are sour and contradictory indeed.  The Father of lies is laughing somewhere beyond the gates of hell.  He has duped another group of humans who will soon join him to the celebration of the demon hoard.  As Screwtape says, the vintage is not so good, but the quantity of sinners makes up for a certain lack in quality.

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