Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Will The Lying Ever Stop?

SEE HERE  I can't stand the sound of the president's voice.  He's been reading teleprompters so long that there is a smooth, oily, sense of unreality that come across every time I see the man reading yet another disclaimer about how he didn't know, or it's Bush's fault, or he's going to get to the bottom of this and punish the evil-doers, and on and on.  It might be different if anything real ever happened.  But Eric Holder has his back and the DOJ is too busy punishing people on the right and letting people on the left off to actually investigate anything at all.  We truly live in Bizarro World and it isn't going to change if the president can help it and nothing will stop him, not the Constitution, not anything relating to the rule of law, not impeachment as long as he has the Senate, and frankly with the effort he's making to weaponize the government and install sycophants it isn't clear that even elections will stop him.  He's a puppet fronting for larger forces behind the scenes or so it would appear.  We'll find out soon I suspect.

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