Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Stupidity On The Hoof ... Hillary Would Be Hilarious If She Weren't So Horrific

SEE HERE So gun owners that are fully licensed and fully trained are dangerous. Well I suppose there is some truth in that. They are especially dangerous to criminals and Hillary Clinton is a criminal, make no mistake about that. She just hasn't been charged for her crimes and tried.

 There are four dead citizens who died in Benghazi because Hillary Clinton denied them adequate security, because Hillary Clinton was complicit in a arms smuggling arrangement to give arms to our enemies, because Hillary Clinton used native Muslim groups to provide compound security, because she didn't demand quick reaction forces be deployed to try to save the compound after the attack began. I guess despicable criminals can be expected not to like free men who are armed.

Well I don't like Hillary Clinton. She's always been a towering liar since she was young and working on Watergate
in Washington and now that she's older and has learned all the best lying trick from her husband she's even worse. "What difference at this point does it make?" Well I think we should bring her up on charges as soon as we can get the real story out there.

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