Monday, May 26, 2014

Police Gun Down A Man Carrying A Backpack And Gardening Implements

The obvious question is whether police should be judge and jury.  I just finished having a knock-down drag out Facebook confrontation with folks that justified this police killing based on the fact that the victim may have been involved in a 911 report that they'd received.  

I frankly don't care what they received except insofar as it may have influence the police mindset.  The facts of the matter seem to be that the man was confronted by police and didn't cooperate by dropping his backpack but kept on walking.  The police could have simply followed him and put their guns away and talked at him.  Sooner or later they would have had back up.  The guy was on foot and no present danger.  

The cops escalated the situation and then executed him.  That's what happened on the video and it was pretty clear.  You can call that police work if you like.  To me it looked a lot more like murder by police.  I don't know how they train them nowadays, but it appears to me that if you walk away from police that are shouting at you, then sooner or later they're going to shoot you.  

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