Sunday, May 4, 2014

What A Riot ... Name Calling As An Artform

Those trying to insult white people, you know those people with skin color ranging from a light tan to a whitish pink, keep multiplying their insulting terms with relatively little effect because ... well because frankly most white people don't give color much thought and don't think these insults are substantive. In fact what they really do is paint the people slinging the insults as what they are "bigots." Lately there's been a term "White Privilege" going around which is intended to be an insult too, as if the success many white people enjoy is undeserved. I think that's just the latest slam. It's just the reverse of Affirmative Action which implies that people who receive it couldn't get by on their own. The flip side, White Privilege is the claim that without it white people couldn't get by on their own. I guess some people can't get through the day without casting aspersions on others. Maybe the reason for the difference in result is that the white people don't pay much attention to this snarky stupidity.

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