Tuesday, June 4, 2013

He's A Christian? — In Your Dreams!

SEE HERE Can this be true? Actually given the policies relative to Islam that the United States is pursuing it seems even likely. Obama a Christian? Give me a break. If he were a Christian he's act a whole lot differently. You know them by their fruits and Obama's fruits have a distinctly sulpherous odor whiffing up from Gehenna.


  1. I've always maintained he's an atheist - as any self respecting Progressive would be. He panders to Islam because as an "enlightened" Progressive he finds *everybody* else backward, and chooses sides based on a simplistic and wrong headed oppressor group / oppressed group world view. To him and the rest of Team Leftie, the Muslim world isn't backward because their society is inferior - it is instead manifest (to him and his fellow ideological travelers) Israel and the west in general must be oppressing the Muslim world. All I can say is wait and see how "oppressed" they are when we stop buying their oil.

  2. I like the oppressor group / oppressed group way of expressing Obama's world view. As for being an atheist, I don't think the issue comes up since he's really a solipsist and so is his own God.