Monday, June 10, 2013

The Fundamental Tyranny Of The Left

SEE HERE  We need to stop pretending that the left has our best interests at heart, that they're just minor differences in policy advocacy.  The reality is that they are bent on destroying the vision of America as a government of, by, and for the people and replacing it with a tyranny of elitists which will certainly devolve, as all such delusional utopian dreams have, to a despotism from which no one emerges except after a generation of bloodshed.  Some excerpts below ... focusing on the recent overreaches. ...

"... such behavior is entirely consistent with the power-hungry nature of Obama and his cronies. Remember, this is a cabal of Alinskyites who possess an open resentment of and frustration with the Constitution, the “flawed,” “living document” that throws up roadblocks to their totalitarian agenda. They have made no secret of their lack of respect for the First Amendment, working as they have in concert with the Muslim Brotherhood to criminalize criticism of Islam. They have made no secret of their lack of respect for the Second Amendment, working as they are toward the de facto banning of private gun ownership."

" ... Let’s be clear about the misnomer “liberal,” which implies a political philosophy advocating personal freedom. But self-proclaimed liberals are actually very uncomfortable with the notion of individual freedom."


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