Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tyranny Rising:Armed Men Are Free Men

SEE HERE This is an outrage. Typical of what police often do these days. Completely in violation of this man's rights. Just a bunch of Nazi brown shirts.

You have a choice in this world and it is between freedom and submission.  Free men are free because they have autonomy.  This country is great because it acknowledges freedom, but there are always those who seek to force submission on their fellow citizens whether it is to some idea they deem ought to be forced down other people's throats or because they think their judgment superior to that of their neighbors giving them a right to dictate to them.  In Texas they had a march of armed men protesting a travesty of justice.  It was peaceful but powerful.  I question the judgment, although in Texas I think it likely reasonable.  In those places dominated by collectivists such a demonstration could easily enough be used to precipitate an incident.  So be aware.

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