Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Delusional RINOs

SEE HERE  I don't think the RINOs get it.  They are delusional.  They think that they head a part of liberal-lite that somehow appeals to people who could have liberal-full strength.  Sorry you don't get it RINOs.  You are only elected because the grass roots is Conservative and you managed to get nominated and look slightly (ever so slightly) better than liberal-full strength.  If you dispense with the Conservatives that dominate your base you will lose elections and while the rest of us will then suffer under liberal-full strength at least we won't have to put up with you any more.

Joseph Sobran had it exactly right when he divided politics into the Evil Party and the Stupid Party.  Of course the Stupid Part is the part of the Republican party we call moderate or RINO that think they can be appealing by only being a little evil.  You're right!  That is stupid.  The Tea Party is made up of ordinary Americans tired of seeing their country gamed, gulled, corrupted, over regulated, unConstitutionally going down the drain in a hurry.  The tipping point train wreck is coming and idiots like Mitch McConnell is making RINOs sounds.  They really are the Stupid Party!  RIP Joseph Sobran.

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