Friday, November 22, 2013

Why Do We Even Have A Senate? Have You Ever Wondered?

SEE HERE  Now that the Senate Democrats have eliminated the filibuster on the consideration of Justices they can move on to legislation if the Republicans have the audacity to resist.  It does make you wonder things like 1) Why is there a Senate in the first place? and 2) What is the purpose of requirements for supermajorities? 

The answer is that originally the Senate was intended to be the house of elder statesmen that answered to the legislatures of the several states.  The Senate was to be elected by State legislatures and represent the sovereign interests of the states.  That was changed and destroyed the purpose of the Senate.  Now it is just a big old-boys club that bickers with the House of Representatives.

The purpose of supermajorities was and continues to be the protection of the minority.  True Democracy is just a polite name for mob rule.  If you don't protect the rights of the minority you end up with government tyranny by the majority.  This may not sound like much but just you wait with the hands out crowd decide that they want more of what you've earned and they have never bothered to try to earn.  We're the majority.  We're entitled to take what you have you nasty rich people (rich being people that actually have money they earned themselves) so we're going to take it from you with the full force of the state.  You think that can't happen?  Think again and look over the history of the 20th century and the millions of dead people left by Communism.  Check what Communism taught and believed and then do a run down of what your "friendly" neighborhood liberals believe.  Not a speck of difference except in the rhetoric.  But liberals are liars and always have been.  Look what they were saying about the nuclear option they just enacted back in 2005 or what Obama said then versus what he says now.  "Lie Like a Liberal" has become a slogan of mine just to remind people how dishonest they are.

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