Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Democrats? Of Course They're Communists, Even If They Don't Know It

SEE HERE  Communists ... you know, people who believe that the proletariat will rise up and overthrow those nasty people who actually own the means of production, that started the large businesses and provide management and direction.  They're not the real contributors according to Marxist ideologues.  It's the workers who slave to produce things.  Nevermind he man behind the curtain that plans and directs and orchestrates and markets and makes it all work.  Just take all their compensation and give it to the workers.  You can hear the howl of the unions and the winds that whistle through empty factories closed by the stupidity that passes for class warfare.  Of course the Democrats who I have taken to calling DemonRATS are the descendents, quite directly, of the Communists.  Look at what they say and do and recognize it for what it is.

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