Sunday, November 10, 2013

Martial Law? Aren't You Overreacting?

SEE HERE  The problem is that putting something in place gradually is far more effective generally that putting it in place all at once.  Gradually we are losing our freedoms to what appears to be a studied plan of "drip drip drip" erosion of basic rights.  Liberty as Ronald Reagan said is never more than one generation away from ending and we're on a deliberate and decadent track to just that train wreck orchestration by the collectivist Marxist and soulless left.  It's intentional and it's been going on for a long long time, my entire lifetime frankly.  I've watched our freedoms going away and I've watched them instill fear and dependency in a nation known for courage and independence.  Today we can't whip our butts without someone wanting to control the toilet paper or the sign on the bathroom door.  We need a resurrection of liberty or we will surely perish.

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