Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Government Is Thoroughly Corrupt When Agengies Conspire To Distort Data To Favor One Party Over Another

I worked for the government for fifteen years and it was forbidden to participate in partisan politics openly.  Things have certainly gone totally corrupt when in order to advantage one candidate over another statistics are manipulated to give a false impression of the success of policies.  That's deep corruption and an indication that our system is really broken at a fairly deep level.  Now of course the purge of military command officers should give you a hint that things are broken too.  The fact that the president feels quite at home changing the law to suit himself without consulting Congress ... it's all of a piece.  We are living in the days just prior to the collapse of the republic.  Unlike Rome however, we're rather unlikely to go through a golden age of empire.  We have too many tyrants with brains no larger than cockroaches.  They act accordingly.

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